Premise Edit

Two girls named Carlee and Marlee crash parties and events for their news show Trashin Fashion where they criticize people's outfit. Their ratings scale consists of "eww", "double eww" and "triple eww". The two also have a nerd fashion correspondent named Elroy. The reason for this is because Carlee and Marlee see themselves as being very popular and well liked, so they of course wouldn't know how to comment on the fashion of the losers of the school. However Carlee, Marlee and Elroy all appear to be on the same level of popularity as all three of them are extremely unliked by their peers and none of them are ever invited to social events.

Characters Edit

Carlee: Played by Jamie Lynn Spears, a vain blonde with poor fashion sense who co hosts the show. Like Marlee she uses the eww scale and enjoys making bad puns based on popular clothing brands.

Marlee: Played by Lisa Foiles. A vain redhead with poor fashion sense who co-hosts the show. In one episode Carlee criticized a girls outfit which turned out to be the same outfit Marlee was wearing that day.

Elroy Dinkman: Carlee and Marlee's nerd correspondent, played by Kyle Sullivan. A supposed expert on nerd fashion. Two stereotypical jock bullies will usually interuptt his segment to torture him in some way. Carlee doesn't like him but Marlee seems to.

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