The Rougenecks features a hillbilly family who is supposed to talk about a certain topic (which no one understands) so the husband (Jack) suggests they ask Meemaw, but the daughter (Jamie-Lynn) and wife (Lisa) always tells him that she's dead, but he doesn't believe them (or at least is in denial about it) and does something that would make himself think she is still alive, often causing an argument between the husband and wife. At the end of the skit, they fiddle dance.

  • Clem Rougeneck (Jack DeSena) - The uneducated head of the Rougeneck clan, and unaware that his mother is dead.
  • Mama Rougeneck (Lisa Foiles) - The arrogant co-head of the Rougeneck clan.
  • Buford Rougeneck (Shane Lyons) - The unintelligent son of the Rougeneck family, also Percy's cooking show co-host.
  • Cindy Lou Rougeneck (Christina Kirkman) - The baby of the Rougeneck family who talks. She likes baby back ribs.
  • Rougeneck introducer (Kyle Sullivan) - The well-to-do boy in classy surroundings who introduces each Rougeneck skit.
  • Meemaw Rougeneck (Unknown) - The deceased mother of Papa Rougeneck, whose body still lives with the family.

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