The Adventures of Superdude stars Kenan Thompson as Mark Cant/Superdude. He has a good friend named Penny Lane played by Angelique Bates (Season 1-2), Alisa Reyes (Season 3), & Christy Knowings (Season 4-5). Superdude is lactose intolerant. Which has been said by The Explaining Girl played by Katrina Johnson (Season 1-3) & Amanda Bynes (Season 4-5). Superdude has fought at Good Burger & the Okrah Station. Superdude has faced various villains such as...

Milkman (Josh Server)

Butter Boy (Kel Mitchell)

Yo-Gurl (Kel Mitchell)

Evil Superdude (Amanda Bynes)

Cow Boy (Kel Mitchell)

Dairy Godfather (Josh Server) Use Ice Cream As A Magic Wand.

Henchmen (Leon Frierson, Mark Saul, and an unnamed actor)

Ed (Kel Mitchell) Mention Dairy Products Freak Him Out Like Milkshake And Cheese. Only Good Burger.