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Lisa joined the cast in season 7


Herhiney - Harry Bladder

Kaffy - Sugar and Coffee

Claudia - Bridgette's Slumber Party

Kelly Osbourn - Story Time With The Osbourns

Spirit - the Unreal World

Lisa - Vocabulary with Lisa

Ernie's Mean Girlfriend - Tilt-a-Hurl

Little Girl - Toy ER

Marlee - Trashin' Fashion

Mama Roughneck - the Roughnecks

Heather Darling - 2 Gether 4 Ever


Lisa Foiles is currently a video game journalist, model and youtuber.

Appeared on the cover of "Brio" magazine.

Was featured in "Nick Magazine" in an article about girls who had male best friends (the friend in question being Kyle Sullivan.)


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