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Kyle joined the cast in season 7. Often treated as the loser of the cast, he too lasted until the show's cancellation. Popular characters/sketches, include; Harry Bladder, Buzz of "Sugar & Coffee," among many others.


Harry Bladder - Harry Bladder

Buzz - Sugar and Coffee

Elliot - Bridgette's Slumber Party

Jack Osbourne - Story Time With the Osbourne's

Ernie - Tilt a Hurl

Brain Peefest - American Idiot

Gabe - the Unreal World

Father - Randy Quench: Volunteer Fireman

Little Boy - Toy ER

Max - Max and Mr. Flopples

Dr. Laser - the LAMOS

Roughneck Introducer - the Roughnecks

Elroy Dinkman: Nerd Correspondent - Trashin' Fashion

Vance LaFoon - Sneaky Camera with Vance LaFoon



  • At the time he was a cast memeber of All That, he was also a regular on the sitcom "Malcolm in the Middle", where he played Malcolm's geeky friend Dabney Hooper.
  • Evan Matthew Cohen, who played Dabney's best friend Lloyd on Malcolm, would visit Kyle on the set of All That.
  • According to his no longer existent website, Kyle always had a yo-yo on set, and would often perform impressive tricks in between takes. He also had this yo-yo with him at the "Cinderella 2" premiere he attended with Lisa Foiles.