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Kenan Thompson (born May 10, 1978) is an American actor and comedian. He is best known for his former work as an original cast member of All That as well as the co-star of Kenan & Kel, both by Nickelodeon. Thompson has also starred in movies including Good Burger and Fat Albert. He currently does work as a member of the Saturday Night Live cast, making him the only All That cast member to be on the show. On VH1's list of the top 100 teen stars, Kenan ranked #88. 


Thompson in Nov 2007

He was born and raised in Atlanta, GA as the son of Fletcher and Elizabeth Thompson, alongside a brother named Kerwin. He began acting at the age of 15 in a school play, and was also an entertainment reporter for CNN's Real News for Kids. While Kenan attended a visual and performing arts school in East Point called Tri-Cities High, he began filming his first movie, D2: The Mighty Ducks. He married Christina Evangeline in November 2011 and has been with her since.

List of portrayed All That charactersEdit

  • Mark Cant/Superdude - The Adventures of Superdude
  • Bill Cosby - The Wizard of Cos
  • Pierre Escargot - Everyday French with Pierre Escargot
  • Principal William Baines Pimpell/Miss Piddlin - Dullmont Junior High
  • Burt Spice/Spice Cube - The Spice Boys
  • Three-armed alien - The Island Girls
  • Baggin' Saggin' Barry - Baggin' Saggin' Barry
  • Ishboo - Ishboo
  • Officer Ulcer - USS Spaceship
  • Coldfinger - Jimmy Bond, Agent 1/7
  • Seymour - Seymour Reacts to Stuff
  • Lester Oaks, Construction Worker - (appears in several sketches)
  • Jack Tackahashi - Channel 6 1/2 Sports
  • Antoine - (appears in several sketches, most notably CJ and the Cloudy Knights)
  • Mavis - Mavis and Clavis
  • Bradley - Bradley the Big Ol' Baby
  • Fred Mertz - I Luv Lucy
  • Nasty Nancy - Dusty Pants
  • Spew - Bacteria
  • Squash Boy - Squash-Hicks
  • Randy - Cooking with Randy and Mandy

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