A recurring sketch that took place at a fast food restaurant. The cashier, Ed (played by Kel Mitchell in Seasons 1-5 and Ryan Coleman in Seasons 9-10) was portrayed as a clueless teenager who always found a way to mess things up. A notable quote from Good Burger, stated by Kel in every episode, was "Welcome to Good Burger, home of the good burger, can I take your order?" When not dealing with a customer, he would bang on the cash register while singing "I'm a dude, he's a dude, she's a dude, 'cause were all dudes. HEY!" Good Burger was later made into a 1997 movie starring Kel Mitchell reprising his role as Ed and Kenan Thompson as a new character named Dexter. Dan Schneider played Ed's frequently irritated boss Mr. Baily during the first five seasons. A frequent gag is that whenever Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell did the Lester Oakes and Ed act, they couldn't help snickering. Frequent customers include Bernie Kibbitz (Josh Server), Lester Oaks, Construction Worker (Kenan Thompson), and Connie Muldoon (Lori Beth Denberg). (Seasons 1-5, 9-10)

Notable SketchesEdit

  • Ed once brought his pet insects to work and accidentally broke the aquarium.
  • Ed knocked an actor who was filming a Good Burger commercial unconscious and then Ed had to replace him.
  • Ed saying that the cost of the order is 8 bucks, then after being told "this is a robbery!" by a burglar, saying "OK, $2.50"
  • When a customer pointed out what was wrong with their order, Ed would say "Uh, no."
  • When a customer asked for change for $1, Ed unbuttoned his shirt.
  • If a customer found something (usually absurd) in their burger, fries, or shake, Ed would say "That's okay, no charge for the (absurd item)."
  • When a food critic (Sherman Hemsley) came in to review the restaurant, he had a puppy named "Trombone" in his meal bag by accident, forcing the manager Mr. Baily to ask him to leave, unaware that he was the food critic.
  • Ed spilled food on a customer (Mark Curry) at the drive-thru window. Ed didn't know there was a drive-thru window and had asked how cars fit through it. The customer then went inside to confront Ed, who sprayed him with ginger ale. Ed then took the customer's car to clean it but crashed into a tree.
  • When a customer would ask for extra pickles, Ed dumped a jar full of pickles on their Good Burger.
  • When someone asked to hold the mustard on their Good Burger, Ed squirted mustard in his hand.
  • Another customer who wanted a Good Burger, light on the ketchup, received a burger with a flashlight over it.
  • Lester Oaks, Construction Worker asks for a Good Shake, but gets a Good Burger instead. So, Ed puts the Good Burger into a blender then pours it into a cup (prompting several ewws from the audience).
  • A customer asks for a strawberry shake with a Good Burger, Ed gives her a Good Burger covered with strawberry shake.