Featured Kenan Thompson, sitting in a bathtub filled with suds, wearing a rain coat and matching hat and swimfins on his feet. In the sketch, Kenan Thompson as Pierre Escargot would take a break from whatever he is doing (like playing an accordion or pretending to drive a car), say silly phrases in badly-pronounced French, and then translate them in English. The sketch was commonly used to introduce the show's musical guest.

Pierre's SayingsEdit

  • Hey, stop licking my kangaroo!
  • Kiss me under the bologna tree.
  • May I take a nap in your nose?
  • Like yogurt, I have fruit on my bottom.
  • I have not showered in 36 days.
  • Hey, why is your butt talking?
  • Can I borrow your brothers pretty brassiere?
  • Keep your hands off my chicken nuggets!
  • Another one, comedic, was: "MMMMMMMM, ce' toi le' di messey de' HOT DOG AND HAMBURGER AND PIZZA AND STUFF"!!!!, which means: "MMMM! this men's room smells wonderful!"
  • One line was an incredibly long mock-french sentence, humorously translated as "How are you?"
  • Thompson referenced himself when he translated a line as "The actor who plays Superdude is very handsome."
  • May I try on your sister's bikini?
  • My grandmother lives in a pickle hut
  • That's too much sauce for one puppy dog.
  • That fat man is bending my pony.
  • Who broke the pickle pump?
  • That's not bubble gum, that's Pork Boy the breakfast monkey
  • Would you like to dance and why are your gums bleeding?
  • Please remove your foot from my succotash.
  • I told you I had to throw up.
  • Your taxicab smells like my grandmother's mustache.
  • Wow! That sure is a large camel you're wearing.
  • Who said you can live in my toilet!
  • May I slap you with my spicy burrito?
  • Wow! One elephant sure can hold a lot of liquid.
  • Oh look! There's another idiot doing the macarena!
  • Hey, you! Get off of my clown!
  • Don't put bacon fat on my toilet seat.
  • Monkeys are tickling my tummy.
  • Good afternoon, Paco. Welcome to my cheese pit.
  • Merry Christmas. May I get you a cup of hot fat?
  • That's not an elf...that's my grandmother.
  • Hey! Look what the reindeer left on my roof!
  • I can see myself in your pantyhose.
  • Please, stop biting my tennis balls!
  • May I have a glass of cat water?
  • You remind me of my special underpants.
  • Let go of my grandmother's mustache!
  • Oh no! The babysitter exploded!
  • Congratulations on your new infection.
  • Waitress, would you please stuff your pizza up my nose?
  • Please remove your banjo from my bellybutton.
  • Hey! That cowboy is licking my lunch meat!
  • Who keeps oiling my toilet seat?
  • Oh no! The macaroni is infected.
  • What time is it and why do you smell like cheese?

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