Dullmont Jr. High School had many characters that carried into varying sketches, but remained the same. At the school, strange things would happen, mainly due to the insane staff.

Staff and CharactersEdit

  • Unknown (Amanda Bynes): A student. (Seasons 3-6)
  • Miss Fingerly (Lori Beth Denberg): A clueless teacher who tried to keep her students on the straight and narrow, no matter how (she once taught with an arrow in her gut). (Seasons 1-4)
  • Coach Kreeton (Kel Mitchell): A gym coach who constantly had pain inflicted on him; he once had his hand stuck in a waffle iron, and then fell out a window. His catchphrases are "Goood" and "Oh, the life I live is sad!" Coach Kreeton is also the cousin of Clavis. In a sketch during the All That Tenth Anniversary Special, it was revealed that he quit teaching at Dullmont Junior High because he couldn't deal with "those demon crazy communist children", even though Principal Pimpell keeps asking him to come back. This sketch also became one of the more popular sketches of the entire show, and also Kel's favorite sketch. (Seasons 1-5)
  • Principal William Baines Pimpell (Kenan Thompson): The principal of the school, his namesake was a gigantic pulsing pimple on his forehead. He spoke with a speech impediment, and always introduced himself by taking long breaths between each word in his name ("Principal William..... Baines.....Pimpell!"), often putting emphasis on the "P"s. His methods of running the school were lackluster, as all he ever wanted to talk about was his pimple. (Seasons 2-5) Kenan Thompson reprises the role in Season 7 during the episode he hosted.
  • Miss Piddlin (Kenan Thompson): The cafeteria chef. She has a rather large obsession of peas, and often force-fed people the vegetable using her "beast-like strength". If people resisted the peas, Miss Piddlin would go crazy and scare them away, then calm down and say, "Oops, Miss Piddlin almost lost her temper", or "Miss Piddlin almost let her maniacal rage get the best of her". When angered, usually, she would start steaming or smoking around her neck, which was a signal for when she would unleash her rage. At the end of her skit, everyone would sing a song about peas, such as Eat a Pea, Give Peas a Chance, Why Can't Peas Be Friends?, Peas Are Jolly Good Vegetables, Peas Are the Champions, Peas Are The World, or Peas Are a Few of My Favorite Things, and with Miss Tula, Peas and Carrots. (Seasons 3-5)
    • Julio (Josh_Server): Miss Piddlin's assistant who would show up at the end of the skit to play guitars while Miss Piddlin sings a song about peas. He would also show up to provide Miss Piddlin with more peas whenever she ran out. He was apparently terrified of her. He also helped Miss Tula before. (Seasons 3-5)
  • Tandy Spork (Josh_Server): Highly Medicated Vegetarian Secretary of Dullmont; became a teacher in Season 4. She almost always suffers some sort of cranial trauma in every sketch, such as when she's bashed against the head or when she falls out a window. (Seasons 3-6)
  • Janitor Gaseous (Danny_Tamberelli): A slovenly janitor who loved to scream "SQUAT AND ROT!" and would then belch loudly. (Seasons 4-5)
  • Ms. Klump (Christy Knowings): A ditsy teacher that replaced Miss Fingerly as the regular teacher after Lori Beth Denberg left the show. In a Channel 6 ½ Sports sketch, her full name was revealed to be Ms. Ernestine Klump. (Seasons 5-6)