Age 14
Played By Lisa Foiles
Occupation Student
Full Name Unknown
Sketch(es) Bridgette's Slumber Party

A Poem by Claudia

Elevator Sketch

Parents Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Children Unknown
Friends Bridgette


Frenemies Elliot
Enemies Unknown

Character Edit

a goth girl who posesses seemingly random and unexplained powers. She can move objects with her mind, bark like a dog, produce Britney Spears at any given time, and has changed both her own and Elliot's outfit simply by entering and exiting Bridgette's closet. She is fascinated with gross things, such as bodily fluids, dead animals and bugs. She gets along with Gale and Bridgette for the most part, although doesn't like being made to do things such as dance or cheerlead. Claudia often complains. "My gums are bleeding." "My finger is infected." "Can I puke?" "I'm allergic to cute."

Powers and Ability Edit

Quotes Edit

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