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Chelsea Brummet (born 1/28/87) is an American actress. In 2002, she became a cast member on All That.

List of portrayed charactersEdit

Polly Baboon - American Idiot

Bridgett - Bridgette's Slumber Party

Sharon Osburne - Story Time with the Osbournes

Britney - Britney Live From...

Lil' Embryo's mama - T.R. Yell

Abby Rhodes

Tea & Crumpets lady - Sugar & Coffee

Spella - The Unreal World

Jessiquat Zortog - Zortogs

Mega Butt - The LAMOS

Bride - Randy Quench: Volunteer Fireman

Doctor Malady - Toy ER



  • Two of her characters, Abby Rhodes and Bridgette, have the catchphrase "Okay", but they say it very differently.

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