Angelique Bates (born 12/1/80) is an American actress best known for the two seasons she served as an original All That cast member. She was born and raised in Los Angeles, California, and got her start in acting during her infancy thanks to a Borax commercial. She was then featured in an AT&T commercial and co-starred in
the film Sweet Potato Ride

Bates' agent (whom discovered her at an Ivar Theater talent competition) sent her out to audition for All That; she performed a Steve Urkel impression among other things. Four or five auditions later Bates became an official show member. Unfortunately, her contract ran out and when the show moved to Hollywood, she decided not to do a contract renewal and became the first member to leave the show. She was replaced by Amanda Bynes, but she did return for the 100th episode.

Angelique Bates

List of portrayed All That charactersEdit

  • Mandy - Cooking with Randy (and Mandy)
  • Four Eyes - Earboy
  • Bill Cosby's servant - Wizard of Cos
  • Penny Lane - The Adventures of Superdude (seasons 1-2)
  • Pirate - The Island Girls

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