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Amanda Bynes (born 4/3/86) is an American actress. In 1996, Bynes became a regular on All That. In 1999, Bynes got her own show on Nickelodeon, The Amanda Show. In 2002, Bynes starred in the WB series What I Like About You.

List of All That charactersEdit

Ask Ashley - "Ask Ashley"

Gina - Whateverrr!

Captain Tantrum - USS Spaceship

The Explaining Girl/Evil Superdude - The Adventures of Superdude

Jiffy Springs - Various Sketches

Lucy Ricardo - I Luv Lucy

Megan Marples - Various Sketches

Squash Girl - Squash-Hicks

Dr. Debbie - Dr. Debbie

Sally - Jimmy Bond Agent 1/7

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